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I'd like to see any of the cast of Atlantis

a Bionic reunion - Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Lindsay Wagner, Alan Oppenheimer, Martin E Brooks, Jennifer Darling

a 1960s Batman reunion - Adam West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether

Clockwork Orange reunion - I met Malcolm McDowell and Michael Tarn from ACO at Collectormania in Manchester in November 2007 so it would be good to have another ACO reunion at this show, especially considering Anthony Burgess's connections with Manchester. That would probably get some coverage in the local Manchester media.

As well as having Malcolm and Michael back I'd also like to see Adrienne Corri, James Marcus and Steven Berkoff. I'm sure there's a good chance that Dave Prowse will be at the show too.

If we had Malcolm, Michael and James we'd have all the living Droogs from the film and that would be a great group photo shoot.

sports guests - Denis Law, Brian Kidd, Wilf McGuinness, Tommy Docherty, reunion of the Man Utd European Cup winning team of 1968, reunion of the Man Utd FA Cup winning team of 1977 (with a group photo shoot for any team reunions).

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Star Trek: Voyager Cast reunion, Colm Meany, George Takei & Jeffery Coombs.


Star Wars: Mark Hamil, James Earl Jones, Harrison Ford.

Fantastic suggestions but I wouldn't hold your breath for Mr Ford, especially after today's events. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery!!

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I am going to this show no matter what to support it because i'm form Manchester myself but got to say that i'm hoping for a rapid increase in guests. Hoping too for some bigger guests i.e not just uk DW,SW guests etc. I know of a good handful of friends who are waiting on more guests before deciding to attend or not.

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Jenna Coleman- Doctor who

Sarah Michelle Gellar- Buffy

Tatiana Maslany- Orphan black

David Boreanaz- Buffy

Robert Downey Jr- Iron Man

Matt Smith- Doctor who

David Tennant- Doctor who

Billie Piper- Doctor who

Eliza Dushku- Buffy

Emma Caulfield- Buffy

Charisma Carpenter- Buffy

Andrew Scott- Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch- Sherlock

Karen Gillan- Doctor who

i know some of these would be almost impossible but worth a shot right :dance:

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