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CFCC 2015 Guest Days & Prices

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Guest Name:Attending: Autograph Price:Photoshoot Price:


Alan HarrisSunday£10

Bob "Hardcore" HollySaturday & Sunday£15£15

Camille CoduriSunday£15£15

Chris BunnSunday£10

Colt CabanaSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Danny DarcySunday£10

Dan StarkeySaturday£10£10

Daniel PortmanSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Dave ProwseSaturday & Sunday£15£15

David Hart Smith JrSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Ethan PhillipsSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Fintan McKeownSunday£10£10

Ian DurrantSunday£10

Ian ListonSunday£10

Jack DonnellySunday£15£15

Jessie CaveSaturday£10£10

Jeff RawleSaturday£10£10

Joe GibsonSunday£10

Kenny BakerSaturday£15£15

Kit HillierSunday£10

Kristanna LokenSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Matthew DomanSaturday£10

Max GrodenchikSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Myanna BuringSaturday£15£15

Nathan McMullenSaturday£10£10

Nick JosephSunday£10

Ray ParkSaturday & Sunday£25£25

Roger Ashton-GriffithsSaturday£15£15

Samuel AndersonSunday£15£15

Sonita HenrySaturday£10£10

Terry MolloySunday£10£10


Derek Lyons

Lala Ward

Saturday & Sunday£15£15

Iain GlenSaturday (10am-5pm)£15£15

James MarstersSaturday & Sunday£20£20/£30 in Costume

Sugar Ray LeonardSaturday 11AM - 1.30PM £35/£45£35


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