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Cosplay Stars Lineup for WLFCC

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Animeleague is pleased to reveal the lineup of Cosplay Stars for Winter London Film & Comic Con.



Stacey Rebecca is an alternative model and cosplayer from London, England - best known for her viral Mary Jane cosplay. Part of the Sexy Cosplay Girls team, she helps to scout locations, lend a hand on shoots and interview the very best cosplay models, as well as modelling for the site herself. Stacey has recently started her international convention adventure and has been a guest and masquerade judge at several UK conventions this year. In her spare time Stacey likes to study mathematics, play Xbox, eat sweet chewy things and play with power tools.
FB - https://www.facebook.com/StaceyRebeccaAltModel

Tabitha ArtyFakes


Tabitha lyons has been in the prop industry for nearly 15 years. Even though she is quite new to the Cosplay scene she's has been dressing up for LARP since she was 8. Tabitha works full time in the family business at Artyfakes Action Props which started in 2007 Artyfakes specialises in Foam and Latex for film, TV, theatre, gaming and much more!
FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/TabithaArtyfakes

Ben Hunt


Benjamin Hunt [Enja Cosplay] is a London based cosplayer and all round geek. In 2011 he represented the UK in the first Season of the European Cosplay Gathering in Paris, getting dropped right in the deep end of competitive cosplay! Since then he's represented the UK in Eurocosplay and ECG Season 4 as well as winning the final of Cosplay World Masters. He also puts his competition experience to good use in running new events in the UK.
FB - https://www.facebook.com/EnjaCosplay



Chiquitita is a spanish cosplayer based in London with a passion for sewing, designing and all forms of costume. She has been cosplaying at conventions for 5 years whilst studying fashion and design for stage and screen. She has a keen interest in period costume, millinery and corsetry and loves to apply these skills to her cosplays.
FB Page @ http://www.facebook.com/ChiquititaCosplay

Andy Valentine Cosplay


Andy Valentine (Valentine Cosplay) is a cosplayer and prop maker based out of Bristol in the UK. With a deep and long-term love of gaming, Andy favours cosplaying video game characters, and most enjoys the darker and twisted villains of various gaming genres. If it involves mud, blood and scars, he's all over it. Professionally, he spends his days making replica props and bringing weapons and costumes from the screen to life. He has a constantly painty, resiny odour, and if something in the house isn't covered in paint, it's probably covered in cat hair.

Matt Holden


Matt first started attending events since 2008 and was introduced to cosplay in late 2009. Since then he has become well known for his portrayal of David Tennants version of The Doctor from Doctor Who. In addition to the Doctor, Matt has recreated costumes from some of Tennants Theatre roles, his favourite being Benedick from the 2011 production of Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing.

For Matt cosplay is very much a hobby, and one that he uses to help raise money for good causes alongside a number of Charity cosplay groups. It is Matts belief that cosplay should be focused on having fun, it does not matter if an outfit is made or bought, well known or obscure, screen accurate or styled on, the key thing is enjoyment, because lets face if youre not enjoying yourself then whats the point?

FB: http://www.facebook.com/mh10th and www.matt-holden.com



Anna is a London based cosplayer with a keen interest in sewing. She started off cosplaying superheroes and mastering spandex but has since moved on to film, TV and video games. She has also competed in competitions like ECG. Anna could quite happily make costumes for herself and others but never wear them as its the making process she loves most, not the actual wearing of them. Ever time she makes something new she tries to incorporate a new skill or technique no matter how easy or difficult it might be, but her main love will always be sewing spandex.

Facebook: Anna S (https://www.facebook.com/AnnaKS100)
Instagram: AnnaS100 (http://instagram.com/annas100)

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