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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - HERB TRIMPE

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Herb Trimpe

Attending: Sat & Sun

Artist: Incredible Hulk; Captain Britain; G.I. Joe

FAMED for introducing the Canadian hero who went on to become Marvel's most popular mutant during his long and popular run on Incredible Hulk​, Herb Trimpe's comics career goes back over a decade before he and writer Len Wein brought Wolverine into the Marvel Universe in 1974. Trimpe – who illustrated a variety of Westerns and licensed comics for Dell prior to enlisting in the US Air Force in 1962 – joined Marvel upon his discharge in 1966. Initially working in production, he picked up various inking assignments before coming on board Incredible Hulk as regular penciller in 1968.


Across the next seven years he made the character his own, drawing an all-but unbroken run of 86 issues while also producing covers, the occasional fill-in and introducing the World War I fighter ace, Phantom Eagle in Marvel Super-Heroes​ #16 [1968]. After parting company with the Jade Giant, the artist moved on to collaborate with writer Chris Claremont on the creation of Captain Britain. Having illustrated 19 of the first 24 issues of the Marvel UK weekly he and writer Doug Moench set about integrating Japan's most famous monster into the Marvel Universe.


He pencilled all but two of Godzilla's 24 issues, quickly following up with a 14-issue run on Defenders while at the same time teaming up again with Moench to integrate another Japanese concept into the MU. Running 20 issues (with Trimpe drawing 19 of them), 1979's Shogun Warriors was based on an action figure line as was the artist's next assignment (after a 13-issue run on Marvel Team-Up), which garnered him a whole new generation of fans. In collaboration with writer Larry Hama, he launched G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, which proved a resounding if unexpected success.


Although Trimpe drew only six of the 1982 title's first eight issues he remained firmly associated with the franchise, illustrating most issues of G.I. Joe Special Missions between 1986 and 1989 as well as 1987's GI. Joe and the Transformers​ four-parter. Marvel's 1996 bankruptcy prompted Trimpe to cut back, effectively to retire from comics. The co-creator of U.S. 1 [1983], among the artist's other noteworthy credits are Machine Man [1984] and Fantastic Four Unlimited [1993].



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I think Hulk is the title most people have seen Herb's art from. It was about 20 or so issue before Wolverine first turned up (maybe have been 60 issue not sure) Herb drew a character fighting the Hulk who just happened to have 3 claws on his arms. Anyone who collected the UK Mighty world of Marvel CE comic - it was reprinted in there about 10yrs ago.

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