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Latest Guest Announcement - GARETH DAVID-LLOYD


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Latest Guest Announcement - Gareth David-Lloyd

Attending: Saturday

Autograph/Photoshoot Price: £15


Twisted Showcase (TV Series)
Chris / Peter / Paul

Holby City (TV Series)
Rhys Hopkins

Casimir Effect
Dr Robert Cameron

Bloody Norah (TV Movie)
PC Evans

Warehouse 13 (TV Series)
Mr. Wolcott

Red Faction Armageddon (Video Game)
Adam Hale (voice)

Red Faction: Origins (TV Movie)

Sherlock Holmes (Video)
Dr. John Watson

The Bill (TV Series)
Jeremy Preston / Carl Pritchard

Caerdydd (TV Series)

Torchwood (TV Series)
Ianto Jones

Exit Wounds (2008) ... Ianto Jones

A Very British Cover-Up (Short)

Doctor Who (TV Series)
Ianto Jones


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