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Alot of decent suggestions, but how about some exclusive comic guests? Terry Moore (Strangers in paradise), Brian Pulido (Evil Ernie) Scott Snyder (Batman new 52). I appreciate these are American guests, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with the film and television guests.


It is a COMIC con after all



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How about Garrett Wang or Jonathon Frakes for Cardiff too?


I did not post this, wtf?

There's already a few topics and posts about this on the forum. I also sent you an e-mail explaining. Please check the e-mail you are registered with.

Thanks QS, as long as it's in hand.

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I really don't get why it's so hard to get more guests; it's not like you HAVE to get a Buffy guest to replace James Marsters. There are LOADS of con-going actors and actresses all across the country, I'm sure Showmasters haven't tried each and every one of them. I think this is a poor showing, to be honest. My faith in Showmasters has genuinelly be knocked.

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