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Sad to hear about Barry Summerfold's passing :/


On a lighter note, could someone more knowledgable than I enlighten me of some other roles these actors have played in SW? More specifically any roles in Empire. Many thanks!



Che-Snake :)

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Here's my list of who did what on Star Wars, if anything listed is wrong PLMK


Alan Swaden - ANH - Stormtrooper & ESB Hoth Rebel Trooper

Barrie Summerford - ESB Stormtrooper & ROTJ Stormtrooper

Chris Bunn - ANH - Astronaut Cantina scene & Stormtrooper

David Church - ANH Stormtrooper & ROTJ Lt Page

Derek Chafer - ANH Stormtrooper

Doug Robinson - ESB Snowtrooper & ESB Stormtrooper *stunts

Grant Hall - ROTJ Stormtrooper

Jim Dowdall - ANH Stormtrooper & ESB Snowtrooper & Bespin Guard *stunts

Joe Gibson - ESB Stormtrooer *stunts, ESB Luke Stuntman, ROTJ Gamoeran Guard

John Cannon - ANH Stormtrooper, ROTJ Stormtrooper

Keith Swaden - ANH Stormtrooper, ESB - Hoth Rebel & Snowtrooper, ROTJ Rebel Trooper

Larry Estrin - ROTJ Stormtrooper

Michael Leader - ANH Stormtooper who bump his head, ESB & ROTJ

Mike Mungarvan - ANH Stormtrooper

Mike Randall - ANH Stormtrooper

Noel Hawkins - ANH Stormtrooper

Paul Bannon - ANH Stormtrooper

Peter Allen - ROTJ Stormtrooper, Geezum, Imperial Navy Trooper and Endor Rebel.

Quentin Pierre - ESB Stormtrooper, ESB Bespin Guard, ESB Billy Dee Williams Stand In, ROTJ Royal Guard

Salo Gardener - ANH Stormtrooper

Stephen Fitzalan - ESB Hoth Rebel, ESB Stormtrooper, ROTJ Stromtrooper, ROTJ Mon Calamari

Steve Ismay - ANH Stormtrooper?

Syd Wragg - ANH Stroomtrooper, ANH Rebel Trooper & hand pick up shops

Tony Smart - ANH Stormtrooper *stunts, ESB Snowtrooper & Stormtrooper
Tony Allen - ESB Snowtrooper & ESB Stormtrooper?

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Salo Gardner was also Trinto Duaba in ANH.

Not convinced with this statement as the picture he signs was from the pick up shots in America and was one of Rick Bakers masks that was never in the UK. I believe he was in the cantina but not as the character he signs as.

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