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my experiences - talking with Garrick Hagon and others.

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Garrick Hagon appeared only friday evening and he might be most famous for his part in Star Wars - even he did other things. Stuppid as I am when Im busy... I forgot to let sign him my Star Wars Booklet..ggrrrrr. Well.. I went over to him and intruced myself: Hi, I'm Toni and i'm from Switzerland.

It wasn't the first time that I've met him. But this time I had to tell a story. I had a Re-Print Postcard from the DVD Box-Set "Colditz". Colditz was a BBC Serie in the 1972-74. He was surprised when he saw the postcard. Well.. about the story: I never saw before this show until earlier this year in February/March. I was wondering about Christopher Neame who played (with Robert Wagner) one of the leading parts. I always have wanted to meet Christopher Neame and I saw that he will appear on a Convention. So I tought I should buy that Serie on DVD.


It was about prison camp in the WW2 in "Colditz" (which was real). In the episode 15 "Gone Away.." some of the character escaping and flew to Switzerland. I really have nothing expected because the most of the show was filmed in the studio and I thought the most exterior scenes somewhere in England. But.. suddently there was a scene with Robert Wagner on a river and a bridge. It did looks somehow familiar. Its like a place just about 4 km far away from home. And then.. I was going to be nervous, exiting... could it be possible...? YES! A few minutes later in the Episode: Robert Wagner walking through a village and villagers walking on the street. And YES... my parents can be seen as extras - together with Robert Wagner. Those scenes has been filmed in my village.


My parents and some other people from the village told me in the past 30 years that they have played in a movie. But no one could tell something more. No one did know Robert Wagner in 1972 and everybody or could remember that actors name. So I couldn't find more information which "movie" it was.


Well.. it was funny.. nobody in my village saw this in the past 40 years. Garrick Hagon laughed loud and he began to talk about his part which he had a couple episodes later. He was surprised (as also Christopher Neame was) but sadly he wasn't in that episode. But he (and myself) was happy to meet each other now which was really funny.


The most actors I met had been great to talk with'em. Ok Sibel Kekil was a bit busy. I didn't try with Carrie... her line was tooooo loooooong. But Milo Ventimiglia, Jamie Bamber, David Hewlett, Casper Van Dien, Daniel Portman, Gethin Anthony, Dina Meyer had been awsome. Specially Casper and David Hewlett had been great mood. Also Bernard Cribbins told some about his acting experience in "Frenzy" (you know... a Alfred Hitchcock movie).


But the most information I got was by Glen Morshower (about both "Dallas" - the original and the new) and Michael Ensign who told about his acting in "Titanic". Both had been awsome. Michael Ensign played an typically arrogant upper class passasenger in Titanic but he was so nice in real.


Helen Slater was a bit reserved.


Anyway... its always great to speak with actors who takes a bit time (sometime i feel a bit bad when the line behind me is long but usually I do ask only when its short) and they tell about her character and acting experience of movies / shows I like.

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yeah i managed to have a brief chat with him and Femi Taylor the following day about the recent additions to the star wars films where their respective parts had been expanded and how there was still plenty more film available to add in when lucas decides he needs to buff the film yet again.


one thing i was sad to hear was that they weren't paid any extra for these additions and that both the actors that i have mentioned that lucas/studios weren't particularly good payers... pity really.


and now i wait for this post to be deleted...5...4...3...2...1

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