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What would you like to see?

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please be free to move this topic once a new section is made up haha... Just in good fun and all


We're just wondering, as things are slowing down and people are suffering from post-con blues and all that


what are some of the things you want to see at LFCC 2015? We're hoping this won't turn into a negative posts because there's already so many of those


What activity, in your mind's eye, would absolutely make you want to go to LFCC 2015 ..or better yet...which guests would you love to see?


Who? How? What! Where? YOu can dream


ps: there's plenty of topics to vent about LFCC 2014, so we're hoping you'll keep the venting in those. we're looking into the future here, not the past :D

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Sean Bean would probably die before he got to the event.

Summer Glau to return :)

at LFCC 2015 id like to see-


a guest from legend of the seeker

a guest from the hobbit (preferably on of the dwarves (especialy if it were to be Richard Armitage)

green screens (like the ones at chevron)

possibly a pokemon card area (for people to hold pokemon games/competitions)

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Guest wise I'd love to see Stephen Amell. Big fan of Arrow and there was a lot of Arrow cosplays this year, he could turn into another Summer Glau or Lena Headey type guest with popularity.

A dream team would be Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, but let's face it, not gonna happen!

A Firefly reunion? Summer was so popular this year, having all or the majority of the main cast could be amazing!

A Big Bang Theory guest?


Comic wise I'd love to see Jim Lee and Dan Slott.

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I would love to see more Heroes guests especially with Heroes Revorn coming soon (Jack Coleman anyone?) maybe even Adrian Pasdar is possible :D. I wouldn't complain if Milo Ventimiglia comes back again in the future. I hope in the future Milo Ventimiglia comes back, I would love to meet him again and again and again lol :D

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Given the success of Lita as a guest some more high profile wrestling guests would be good. Top of the list would be CM Punk :)


I second Neil Gaiman. And add Garth Ennis.


More Whedonverse would be good, although I guess those get saved for Hallowhedon.

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The very lovely & very pretty Terry Farrell to return to LFCC 2015



Air Conditioning & not as hot as hell



Some horror guests such as Robert Englund,Doug Bradley,Tony Todd,etc



Some more Ghostbusters guests: Ernie Hudson (if he does'nt cancel this time,please Showmasters bring him back)

William Atherton (I know he was at CM MK recently,but would be great to have him here) Annie Potts,Robin Shelby

(who was Slimer in Ghostbusters II)



A Delorean



Prop Han Solo In Carbonite



Not having to queue too long perhaps



The 3rd Doctor's car Bessie



Ice Water sales points scattered strategically around the hall & outside



Better usage of the back of the hall,there was quite a lot of open space there if I recall.

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DavidB doesn't wanna meet Natalie Dormer at all, we just know it :D


Some of the cancelled guests had a lot of buzz, so it would be nice if the people who wanted to meet them this year, could get a new chance next year


let's see..personally

Battlestar Guests (ofcourse! Special mention to Katee Sackhoff)


we love ninja turtles... might be nice to set something up for them (with the new movie coming out and all, bound to be a hoot!)

some boardgame activities, perhaps?

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Don't make me edit all your posts to say Natalie Dormer too.


we are well shocked, Sir [cough] power abuse :angel: haha



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T J Thyne again plus other bones cast members. Tbbt guest (s) and grimm. If I keep saying Grimm my prays will be answered hahaha


As far as I know the air con was one but not at all powerful enough to compensate all the people. I'm going to coming for the whole weekend next year and cannot wait. The guest line up was brilliant. 2015 here we come!


Dont sell tickets on the day. Limit numbers so everybody has a ticket to turn up with!

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