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Gold Pass Room

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I don't know where this trend of asking for stuff like that on the forum is coming from. ;)

Can you please ask at Organisers Booth tomorrow? Questions like this are best solved at the venue. I'm the only one online regularly and I am not even in the same country, so not much I can do. :lol:


It is highly unlikely anyone working at the event sees this. I am happy to pass messages on, but I can not guarantee my messages get seen fast.


If anyone is wondering why I keep repeating this post: last year some attendees got really upset because some mods who were working at the event respectively attending it didn't get a problem solved "fast enough." I am really trying to keep this from happening again.

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There were two this morning. I sat on one. The other was taken by the crew. During the day, I grabbed a chair from somewhere for myself in the gold room, only to offer it to someone who needed it more than I did. So I grabbed another 1. So three of the five chairs there were of my doing.

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chairs! you are lucky to even find the room. i have been to two previous LF&CC with a gold pass, first one i never found the room and none of the crew knew where it was. Second one I found it on sunday avo and really wasnt worth the wait.

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