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LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

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- Jemma Redgrave's shoot has been moved back to 12.35 on Saturday to avoid a clash with Jenna Coleman (This has moved Philip Grieve to 12.05, Jeff East to 12.10 and Tyler Mane to 12.20)

-Added the trailers screening at 12.50 on Saturday

-Added Jeff East to Friday at 20.40

-Added Gethin Anthony and Finn Jones shoot to Sunday at 12.25

-Added Corey Dee Williams to Saturday at 15.55

-Pushed Michael Madsen back by 5 minutes to 16.40 to give people more time get from the Stan Lee talk.

- Stephanie Leonidas moved forward 10 minutes to 15.45 to give people time to get to the Stan Lee talk. (Has resulted in the proceeding 6 shoots moving forward 10 minutes - George Romero 13.35, David Wenham - 13.50, Casper Van Dien - 14.15, Dien/Meyer - 14.35, Dina Meyer - 15.00, Jason Mewes - 15.20) THIS IS ALL FOR SUNDAY ONLY!

-Dominic Keating added Fri/Sat/Sun (This has resulted in a reshuffle of Photo Area B on Saturday and Photo Area D on Sunday. (including Atlantis shoots) Please check for time differences in these shoots.)

-Michael Biehn added Saturday/Sunday

-Anthony Head added - Saturday

-Daniel Portman added - Saturday

-Prop Shoots added


- Isaac Hempstead Wright: Saturday 14:45 Photo E (joint shoot with ~Kristian Nairn) Single photoshoots will be available, timing TBC!


(If you are still seeing the old schedules, please do a hard refresh of your page)


Here are the links for the LFCC Schedule



Click HERE for a mobile version for Friday



Click HERE for a mobile version for Saturday



Click HERE for a mobile version for Sunday



Additional notes (from QS July 6):


1) If you have to leave early and you are in trouble with a photo shoot please go and see crew with your travel documents. They will try to get you through as soon as possible so you can catch your plane/train.


If this is a split shoot and you have to leave before the second please do so during the first shot. If you have to leave before your turn in a second shoot (if you're towards the end for example) or before the end of the shoot please do see crew at the beginning of your assigned shoot.


2) The estimate is about 400 tickets can go through per hour. E.g. if you have ticket 500 and there's 2 one hour shoots you'll be at the beginning of the second shoot.


3) If you have a clash between a paid for talk and a photo session that is only happening one time that day please go to the sales desk and you'll be allowed to swap one of them against another ticket (same price or pay the difference in addition). This also is valid if you have two paid for talks clashing. You must bring both tickets with you. This is the only kind of swap that will be allowed. It has to be paid for talks or paid for talk/photosession. Free talks are not being taken into consideration, sorry. If you have photosessions clashing please proceed as always, let crew know you have the other one and they'll get you through as fast as possible.


Additional info (July 9):


If you have a standard photo shoot you can upgrade it to a prop/green screen one (e.g. for Paul McGann).

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Any ideas which of the Stan Lee Photoshoots are the "extra" one that was added after the others sold out on the saturday? I assume it's the last one in the day. Also any idea of when the newly added double photo shoot prices will go up? Sorry to be a pain, but I am so tempted by the Bamber/Olmos double ^_^

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Looks like nothing clashes too badly..got enough time after sherlocked preview to get to the PMG photoshoot. Also nothing clashes with masquerade so I can finally sign up for that. And then get tickets of dr who talk. :)

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Its just hit me Im meeting Natalie Dormer next weekend. Ahhhhhhhh!!! So excited omg.


Also - the talks on the schedule are now confirmed? Will we find out anymore info regarding the paid talks ie. Doctor Who on Saturday

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OH NO.. the worst possible happened. I pre-ordered photo shoots with the Atlantis trio for Sunday, taking a chance and hoping they would be early enough for me. They are not. :no: Sarah Parish starts at 16:10 and my plane departs from Gatwick at 18:45. I had already promised to myself that this is the last time I order return flights for the same evening. Now I'm really sad.

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@ angelbacchae


I've got the same problem. Sadly, Jack Donelly's photo shoot on Sunday is way too late for me, I've got to leave around 1 1/2 to 2 hours before that. :crying: Is there a chance to somehow exchange my ticket for the photo shoot with another (with the same prize)?

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