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Gold/Silver or just Standard tickets only?

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Hi, I've got my calculator out and it seems that you don't get too much as part of the gold/silver packages compared to the standard ticket prices. As far as I can tell there is no discount and if anything you pay a little more for the packages compared to buying all the same stuff separately.


Is there anything I've missed? Otherwise I will just get standard tickets and "pay as you go". Thanks

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If you're doing all the guest photoshoots, see the ceremony and join all the talks... are the combo-tickets still more expensive?!


In my case, I don't need all that, so I'll be picking / combining my own days :)

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1 Ticket to the Opening Ceremony

1 Ticket for a Bridge Photo Shoot

1 Limited Edition DSTG Print

1 Limited Edition DSTG Collectors Card

1 Ticket to the Friday Night Party

6 in-person autographs (Not Headline Guests) *

1 Exclusive DSTG 'Gold' Star Trek Actor Signed Card

Seating in Gold Area Rows in Main Talk Hall (Ticket required for PAID talks)

1 Event Showguide

ADDED - 50% off Saturday Night ticket offer for 'TNG Reunion Event moderated by William Shatner'


The above is included in the gold for 299. Buying it all separately costs:


Opening ceremony + Friday party = 25

Bridge photo = 15

6 in person auto = 120


So total 160. Which means you are paying 139 for:

1 DSTG print

1 DSTG collectors card

1 Gold Actor signed card (worth around 20)

Seating in gold area for when you pay for paid talks (do you get a guaranteed seat in the free talks??)

1 event show guide

50 % off TNG talk (worth max 62.5)


Am I missing something? Seems overpriced. Especially compared to the gold tickets in London

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