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Latest guest Announcement - MICHAEL ENSIGN

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No that was Micheal LeParmentier (Admiral Motti) from Star Wars he also appeared in Octopussy with Bruce Boa (General Reeikan Empire Strikes Back) as American Generals in the audience at the circus who didnt believe that the clown was really Bond in disguise.

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I got him to sign my ghostbusters poster and he put "I'm not paying for that" he also signed my x-files montage and I was really impressed he still knew his character name Dr. Barnes.

Nice one mate,I bought a signed photo from his table of the still from Ghostbusters where Peter & Ray are either side of him & he also signed with "I'm not paying for that" too,very nice man,was great to meet him indeed,I did'nt have to queue long either,which was good :smile:

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