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GIANCARLO ESPOSITO - what will you get signed?

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I am an massive fan of Giancarlo loved hin in breaking bad, revolution and OUAT, he is just an badass actor, i just love who well he plays each role and i will be so excited about seeing him in july i cant wait!!!! i am gonna get my revolution swag bag that i got from comic con in 2013 signed by Giancarlo which came with a free cape which i am gonna wear at the con!!! so excited to show it to millions of fans and to Giancarlo himself :) thinking about getting a photo shoot with him aswell :)))) just wondering what everyone else is going to get signed? feel free to leave any comments or suggests...... i have also made lots of friends at the cons which i love, mostly while waiting in lines or by just looking at the millions of dealers stalls they will have at the con .........have fun and see ya at the CON......

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Redbubble, there's 1000s of designs for posters, tshirts etc. A lot of it is to my taste, I love alternative movie posters and something a bit different from the usual headshots etc.




Brilliant thank you,I agree!

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