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We are pleased to announce our next guest for C21 - CLARE HIGGINS


Attending: Saturday


Autograph/Photoshoot Price: £10










Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor - Ohila

Homefront - Paula Raveley

Downton Abbey - Mrs. Bartlett

Parade's End - Lady Claudine

The Syndicate - Joyce

Being Human : Bad Moon Rising - Josie

The Golden Compass - Ma Costa

Casanova - Cook

The Libertine - Molly Luscombe

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Tales of Innocence - Edith Wharton

Silent Witness D.S. Farmer

Hellbound: Hellraiser II - Julia Cotton

Hellraiser - Julia

Pride and Prejudice - Kitty Bennet


CLICK HERE for her full filmography

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Yes! I really want to meet her, she is the one prominent Hellraiser cast member I ahve not yet met, and who signature does not grace my Hellraiser poster!

But damn!!! Now I have to go, something I really had not planned to do. Getting to MK is a nightmare.

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She's in theatre at the Old Vic in London until the week after the event, so I can't see her making Saturday. She's not performing Sunday though.

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