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What guests do you want to see at HW6?


The Worlds of Joss Whedon  

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  1. 1. Which worlds do you want to see guests from?

    • Buffy
    • Angel
    • Dollhouse
    • Firefly/Serenity
    • Avengers
    • Agents of Shield
    • Dr Horrible
    • Other (please specify)

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I thought Lyari had retired from acting and didn't do events anymore?


she hasn't actually (retired from acting), she just does small projects


Also... any guest at this time would be a nice reprieve...

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I'm actually currently really annoyed by the lack of announced guests.


Being told that we will find out when contracts are signed doesn't cut it at this point. Sign up some guests already!!!!!! We're paying customers, treat us with some respect.


I feel like massive events/show masters are taking the mick. We've paid for our tickets in good faith and expect guests! I booked right after Hallowhedon 5 based on how good it was. I'm beginning to regret it.


Sorry to moan but I'm really getting cheesed off. I want to be looking forward to the weekend not worrying if there will be any guests,


Rant over. ;)

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