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Where about in the stadium will the event be held?


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From here http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=82165&pid=1832904&st=0entry1832904


the venue is 95% indoors for the winter shows, the only aspects are the photo ops and we may need to put some of the ticket sales and maybe some of the costume groups on the ring but that will be boarded out so there will be little wind .


there is still things that have to be 100% finished but most of it is done and the bits of the building that have not been finished for this show will be for the next one.


the only thing that we are working around is the lift in the main hall , we are going to use the new lifts at door 5 and 7 as the hall lifts are not up and running yet , but at the end of the day we are inside and we have a winter show, and now we are ready for for future events in this new building :-)


see you all soon



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