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all you need to do is regretter at the desk with a mobile phone number and how you want to pay then you will be given a unique number that you can use on any of the items you may wish to bid on



each lot will have a sheet of paper with the last bid written on it , if you want to make a bid just put in the amount you want to bid and your unique bid number and we will contact you at 3pm on the day your time ends if you have won



if you cannot stay till the end of the show to pay for your lots we can send them out to you at a cost but you will have to leave payment details so payment is taken that day.




we will have many very rare items some being provided by some of the guests in attendance all up for grabs



You can bid on any item 50% will ending on Saturday at 4pm and the other 50% will end on Sunday at 4pm


anything you bid on can be mailed out if you are not at the event to collect it



You will have to register and leave credit card info if you with to big but you can pay cash when you pick your item up if you have the wining bid.



There are no reserves so there ARE going to be some great bargains




There will be a list of items that will be up for sale on here in the next few months

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Here is just the start of the items list that will go up for sale over the 2 day all with out any reserve so there will be soem great bargains :dance:



ALIENS - Screen used Pulse Rifle Grenade from the ward room onboard the Sulako.


LETHAL WEAPON IV. - Screen used The Four Fathers Banknote, the main plot of the film.


JAMES BOND - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - screen used Casino chips.


DIANA RIGG exclusive Entertainment Media Show signed trading card and Sunday exclusive (unsigned)


STAR TREK - 2 unsigned unreleased cards and 2 released promo cards from Destination Star Trek London


JAMES BOND DIE ANOTHER DAY. - screen used Graves Ice Hotel booklet


THE HOBBIT- Royal Premiere Programme Signed by Sylvester McCoy, Jed Brophy,


STARGATE SG1. - Keyring made using part of the Stargate prop


HEROES - GQ Poster signed by Hayden Panettiere


STAR TREK VOYAGER. - Part script for Favourite Son signed by Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ and Garret Wang


DOCTOR WHO - signed picture of David Tennat as the Tenth Doctor


STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES - Large cast image signed by Leonard Nimoy


LORD OF THE RINGS - Collectormania 4 limited edition print signed by Billy Boyd


STAR WARS - Synopsis signed by 24


ROBERT PATTINSON - signed 10 x 8 from Harry Potter


DOCTOR WHO - piece of interior wall of the T.A.R.D.I.S screen used


KELLAN LUTZ signed 10 x 8 from Twilight


PETER FACINELLI. - signed 10. X 8 from Twilight


RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON limited edition signed print


MATT SMITH - signed 10x 8 as The 11th Doctor


ZACHARY QUINTO - signed 10 x 8 as Spock


EWAN MACGREGOR - signed 10 x 8 from Star Wars


LINDA HAMILTON signed 10 x 8 from Terminator 2


JAMES EARL JONES. - signed 10 x 8 as Darth Vader


NICHOLAS COURTNEY signed 10 x 8 as The Brigadier from Doctor Who

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Guest johnson1970

Yep couldn't figure it out myself. I put some bids down but figured it was outbidded. But no info as to what time each day finished.

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