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Latest Guest Announcement - BRUCE DAVISON

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Latest Guest Announcement - Bruce Davison


Attending: Fri/Sat/Sun


Autograph/Photoshoot Price: £15










The Lords of Salem

Francis Matthias



Last Resort (TV Series)

Admiral Arthur Shepard



Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series)

Steven Carver



Castle (TV Series)

Lou Karnacki



Lost (TV Series)

Dr. Douglas Brooks



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)

Dr. Peter Silberman




Senator Kelly



Senator Kelly



Star Trek: Enterprise (TV Series)





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Every 1 of the v guests ive met in the past 2 years are amazed how popular the show still is and how much the fans here in uk still rave about it. I really hope we get more original members to future shows as theres such a large amount of fans here. Hint hint showmasters ;)

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