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Guest announcement Bruce Glover Diamonds are forever Mr Wint


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A really great Bond guest for you tonight.

Bruce Glover will be joining us all weekend.

Bruce played the unbalanced Baddie Mr Wint in the classic James Bond Movie Diamonds are Forever. Mr Wint is one of the best remembered or Bond's adversaries. he is a rare signer.

Bruce has also appeared in such classics as Chinatown and T.V greats like Six Million Dollar Man.

He has a 45 year career in Hollywood.










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An absolute gem of a Bond guest. Absolutely amazing and I mean amazing. Well done this will be a big pull in for punters.

Before anyone else begs for Putter - no chance. I am sure Autographica will confirm they have tried with no success. My friend spoke with him last year and he just about got some signed autographs off him. He also confirmed he had stopped doing autographs through the post now too. He wants to have nothing to do from his acting days - not fond memories I'm afraid. All into his Jazz club circuit in the US.

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