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Photos at the Autograph Tables

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I attended my first ever comic con & showmasters event this year and had an amazing time! I came to meet Sarah Wayne Callies and Norman Reedus who were both brilliant! so thank you :D I am a bit upset however about how some of the staff were grumpy when I asked politely if I could take a photo of the guest at the autograph table holding the artwork that I had given them. it would not have been a posed photo just simply a quick picture of them holding it so I could keep that memory..... Both Norman and Sarah seemed disappointed and upset that I was not allowed to do this as they could tell it meant a lot and were really apologetic as in America it is much more relaxed in rules. I was even more upset when I got home to find that there seemed to be quite a few posed photos at the tables popping up! could this maybe be reviewed for next time? I don't think quick photos like that would cause any harm or take much time and a lot of us save for a long time to come so the little things just put the icing on the cake and make it that little bit more worth it! anyone else think the same? I hope that doesn't sound like im moaning just wanted to say something :) I have just seen a post about the photos which have answered some questions but am glad im not alone in this

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