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Ticket-related panic. Please help!

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My friend bought Gold tickets for us both for Chevron 8 back in Nov. :clap: We have the order confirmation e-mail.


I jokingly just e-mailed to say 'Don't forget the tickets! ; )', which is when she realised no money had been charged by Massive Events to her credit card!! No money taken = no gold tickets :crying: .


She's e-mailed ME about this, but the message on the office phone says there's no one there until the 30th (Thurs) presumably due to Collectormania.


What do we do???? I'm having kittens here :(

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Think there is a warning when you pay to check the money has come out as wrong card numbers won't be picked up by the system or something like that. No use to you now I know, I hope you manage to get it sorted. Huge hugs

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