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Disabled son great day

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Helloo Everyone


As you all know i do all the comic cons dressed as wonder woman. I do it to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy.


Well my son and wife were with me yesterday and we had a great time. So many helpful people , the crowds were great and moved out of his way, sellers spoke to him and helped him with his purchases. All the people in cosplay who took .pictures with him and interacted with him.

I want to really thank the Milton Keynes Garrison, both sets of Klingons, the Bounty Hunters, The slim Wonder Woman, and everyone else we met.


If chris is up to it we all hope to come back at the next event, is it october,?


Thank you all for giving my son such a great day


Wonder Woman

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Not sure if you'll rembemer me but I stood next to you in the queue waiting for the doors to open at EMS back end last year. Good to hear your son came along and delighted that he enjoyed himself. All the best.

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I remember you, you helped me out a lot first time meeting celebrities, collecting autographs, how to preserve autographs, you helped me out a lot. I will be at the LFCC in july, will you be going? I will be wonder woman again, you won't be able to miss me.

My son that day loved the autographs as they were signed to him. My wife was not pleased at how I looked, so new improved costume and make up training. Last year with everyones help I raised just over 3,120 pounds. This year i am already at 1260 pounds raised.

Again thank you for your help and I hope to see you at lfcc if you are going

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