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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Mike Ploog

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Mike Ploog


Artist: Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Thicker than Blood, Abadazad, Werewolf by Night, The Stardust Kid


He may spend most of his time these days working on movies (his credits include Valiant, Shrek, X-Men, The Prince of Egypt and The Thing) but Mike Ploog remains a highly regarded comics artist. Starting out contributing to such Warren magazines as Eerie and Vampirella, he became a mainstay of Marvel 1970s horror boom via his work on [The Monster of] Frankenstein and Man-Thing as well as the superheroic Ghost Rider and Werewolf by Night both of which he co-created and introduced in Marvel Spotlight. For Marvel, Ploog, who had earlier worked under Will Eisner on PS Magazine (an instructional manual the legendary Spirit creator produced for the US military) also drew Planet of the Apes, Kull the Destroyer and Weirdworld. Leaving comics in 1973, he returned in 1990 to adapt Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for First Comics’ Classics Illustrated line. Since then he has resurfaced sporadically, first two years later with The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (a graphic novel version of a 1902 novella by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum) for Tundra and then with Abadazad [2004] which was initially published by CrossGeneration Comics before being relaunched two years by Hyperion Books as a children's book series that combines diary entries, full-page illustrations and sequential art. He also drew 2005’s The Stardust Kid for Image’s Desperado imprint and most recently Thicker than Blood [2007] for Full Circle Publications.





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