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Hi everyone,


We are delighted to announce that we have our first female guest for Chevron 8.0, Jennifer Spence! :dance:


Jennifer played Dr Lisa Park in Stargate Universe. She is also currently on our screens as recurring character Betty Robertson, in Sci-Fi's Continuum! :smile:


We are so pleased that Jennifer will be making her first UK convention appearance with us. She is really lloking forward to meeting you all. :smile:


Mark :smile:





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well according to the home page at least one more, and if this event is selling, could get two more hopefully :)

If you are going by the number of image holders on the Chevron site then don't. That is never intended as an indication of how many guests will be in the final line-up, just to make the site look pretty ;)
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Oh right, well if its to make it look pretty then by all means haha ... out of curiosity how many guests do they normally have ?

The number of guests varies. Generally the aim is 4-6 guests. Based on memory Chevron's have varied from 3-5. Other ME conventions have had more, over 10 (although that is not the norm as the guests were pretty much all UK based - The Torchwood themed events).
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