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Latest Guest Announcement - DENIS LAWSON

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We are very pleased to announce our latest guest for Collectormania




attending SUNDAY only.


New Tricks (TV series)

Steve McAndrew


2012 Parade's End (TV series)

Sir Reginald


2011 Hustle (TV series)



2007 Jekyll (TV series)

Peter Syme


2006 Dalziel and Pascoe (TV series)

John Barron


2006 Feel the Force (TV series)

Gordon Campbell

Wanted (2006) … Gordon Campbell

2005 Bleak House (TV mini-series)

John Jarndyce


2001 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader (Video Game)

Wedge Antilles (voice)



1983 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi










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He was really nice the last time he did the EMS a few years ago and he must not have minded doing it too much as you've managed to get him back again. Really great guest.


That's three great Star Wars guests for this show but unfortunately I've met them all before :(


Let's get Carrie back!

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Excellent news - Denis Lawson is a Survivor (in the 1975 TV series from the same name, and he survived both Death Stars!) Not only that he played a great role in Hornblower. I look forward to meeting him next year, let's hope he doesn't cancel!

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Excellent guest. Really pleasant chap and very friendly.

Would be great if SM could have the above Star Wars image available at the table this time. When he appeared before, that snowspeeder shot was used in the advertising and poster behind the signing desk, but was not one of the photos available to have signed. Tried all the photo stalls and they were also missing that image.

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  • Showmasters Admin

just so everyone knows this is a rare chance to meet Denis , this is not something that he often dose and only his second world signing.


he is a busy working actor and dose not have much time to do these so it you want to meet him or have something you need to get his auto on now is your chance.


more star wars guests to come as this event will have a lot of great Star Wars guests attending over the weekend.




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am beyond excited for this announcement as I couldn't get to EMS! 35 years a fan (and I'm only middle aged LOL) ......I have everything crossed he is doing photo shoots......have now got Kit Curran theme tune going round my head!! Ultra fantastico......

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Thought Mr Lawson would be one that got away, thanks for organising his appearance. He was very friendly and seemed to be having fun and laughing, I'm glad he could make it - it was a pleasure to meet the Hero of the Rebellion in person. Very nice selection of images on the table and look great with the signature. I had to laugh looking at the pic afterwards when I saw that Wedges flight harness is partly made of Bubblewrap !!

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