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Problems with the venue (and a dented car!)

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I couldn't be more pleased that we're not at The Radisson next time because I had a bagful of problems at the venue this time:



  • to the person who was next to my car in the car park, who had already leaned their luggage against the back of it when I arrived, who was very flustered and irate - next time be more careful about how you open your door so that you don't dent the (almost) new car next to you! I know who you are and you were involved with the event!

and to the managers of the hotel:

  1. Don't double book someone (there are two of me apparently) then treat it like it is their fault
  2. If you must have a trainee on reception, make sure they know what they are doing so that they don't give customers heart failure when their card is rejected first time because they had made a 'mistake' and announce it loudly so people around can hear (it went through fine on the second attempt) especially when that same customer had just explained how the card they had reserved the room on had been cancelled that morning because it had been cloned and cancelled by the bank because someone else had tried to spend £200 on it!!
  3. Don't put a customer in a room where the heating isn't working on one of the coldest nights of the year so that they have to use both duvets and have to be moved to a 'better' room, then do make sure that the new room doesn't leak through the ceiling when it rains, because hearing water dripping above one's head doesn't lead to a good night's sleep!! Then don't send a handiman up to have a long look at it and then announce that he can't do anything when all the customer needs is a bit of sleep and privacy!
  4. Don't put incompetent staff on duty to wait in the bar on a busy lunchtime because it will only make people angry especially when that member of staff was incapable of remembering who she was serving what to and in what order!
  5. When you apologise to a customer and give them a free parking ticket, do make sure it will work in the barrier so that your, already, unhappy customer with a fresh dink in her nice new red car doesn't have to push the buzzer with a line of impatient people behind her clearly thinking it was her fault!!!


Rant over. Roll on Birmingham!!!

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I know that you're just sounding off , but be aware the Radisson are VERY GOOD at double booking rooms. Some time ago, friends and I got booked in fine into a ground floor room, left the hotel and got a phone call while we were out saying the room was required for a disabled person. We were fine with this and said we'd be happy to move our stuff when we returned to the hotel.


Got back to the hotel to find that the hotel staff had packed everything up ( inc contents of the bin ) and moved all our stuff to a room on the 3rd floor.


After kicking off with the manager about touching stuff without our permission, we eventually got free bottle of wine, and full 3 course meal for those in the room.


I've also heard stories that they've double booked, and then when people have arrived, they've been filtered off to other hotels in the area, and taxi's have been grudgingly supplied as those booking rooms had not been told in advance there was a problem.


Did you take it up with the duty manager of the hotel ? , as the staff WILL tell you the duty manager is busy, but if you push, the manager is all of a sudden available.

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