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Hello Everyone,


I'd firstly like to say a big thank you to the guests who made this event worth attending.


I'm not going to dwell on the disappointment that was Stage B because that's been hashed out already.


I am curious about what was promised with my 3-day standard pass and I dont know who to direct my question to. On the website I was promised the following:


3 Day Event Access

1 Pre-Signed Autograph*

1 In-Person Autograph**

Limited Edition Print

Exclusive Goodie Bag


* Pre-Signed Autographs will be randomly selected from guests attending, but will NOT include William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew or Scott Bakula.


** An 'In-Person' Autograph will be an autograph randomly selected by us, to collect in person, for one of the guests at the event – will not include William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew or Scott Bakula.


My In person was Bobby Clarke and was actually really fun. My issue is with the pre-signed. now correct me if I'm wrong but Neelix didn'y actually attend the event and the website clearly stated that my autograph would be randomly selected from the guests attending.


It wasn't.


I would like for someone to explain the situation here because I (and many other people) did not receive what we paid for.

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I'd actually be quite pleased with Neelix, some of the other free ones were small guests that some people had never heard of!


I think you may have missed the point of my post. I paid for a pre-signed autograph from a guest in attendance. I didn't get that.

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Well beer mats are collectable to a lot of people, so I can see the arguement for that. I agree the contents weren't great though.


I still stand by my comment though - you would rather have had a pre-signed autograph from a very minor name or someone you hadn't heard of than a main cast member like Neelix just because he wasn't at the event? I'm sorry but that's either just weird, or just trying to cause trouble by using the good old "false advertising" claim that people are so fond of throwing around

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Well, to be honest, I didn't like Neelix as a character. I would never have gone to get his autograph and it's not really a memory of the weekend as he wasn't there.


Bobby Clarke was in one episode. Once. That's pretty minor and I had a blast meeting him. Getting a pre signed auto from someone brings them to your attention and I might have gone to see them while in the convention. Perhaps to get a personalisation on the autograph.

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The organisers will still be taking down the event, I'm guessing you'll have to wait for them to give you an answer, I can't see that anyone on here, including mods, can answer your question or would have the authority to do so. Maybe you could try messaging the organisers through the website http://www.startreklondon.com/contact-us (I assume this goes through to Media 10)?

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Murph, I paid for the three-day ticket package with the photo included, so I'm not sure how it can be considered as free and, Gonzo, it's a much stickier wicket if the suppier doesn't deliver the goods as they were described. I think it's unfair that Taylor's original objective point is being dismissed by purely subjective arguments.


Thanks for posting the email address, Jael.


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The two autos I heard were in bags were Ethan and Vaughn Armstrong. Now I would of rather liked Vaughn as I've not met him yet.


But I'd met Ethan. So yes, it did say event guest. But, I would of been happy with a non-event guest as long as I'd not met them

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I was happy with Nelix...not happy I didn't get a badge now I've just found out I was meant to get one :'( Those badges looked quite nice...shame!

Anyways, back to the pre-signed...I did notce my pass hadn't been punched for the pre-signed so when reading your post first time I thought I had missed getting that even though I have my Nelix one. It is a shame so much of the goodie bag is just advertisements, I kind of expected abit better really but I guess it can be hard to get some free goodies to give out to so many.

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And the goodie bag was a bag filled with adverts. I got a cardboard beer mat and a badge. Not exactly thrilling but since the contents were not listed prior to purchase I have no right to complaint about that aspect.
Oh I don't know; I'd think you have half a chance complaining that it was hardly a "goodie" bag. Now one can argue about the value of the contents in relation to he price of your tickey and whether that consists of "goodies".

Well beer mats are collectable to a lot of people, so I can see the arguement for that.

Oh please!

ST-themed beermats are collectable to

* people who collect beernats, but only those collectors who collect beermats of any decription rather than those actually issued by breweries

* people who collect ST memorabilia, but only those who collect memorabilia in any form.

Whether that cobstitutes "a lot of people" is rather debateable.

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