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Thanks to Queen_Sindel and all other mods on here...

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I know at times it has felt like questions were not being answered or people were not getting the answers they wanted, but I would like to say thanks to all the moderators on here especially Queen_Sindel for at least trying to answer our questions, for going back and forth trying to find the right answers and for putting up with some bull on here from some people who may not have been very happy at times about things that have been going on (we knoe what ever they may not have been happy about was not the mods fault but they did take the flack a little)


Only a few days to go so you can then maybe take a well earned break from answer all these questions. I know I threw one or two your way over the last couple weeks, and although I have got my tickets sorted you at least tried to find a solution had that not been the case.


Thanks again....

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