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Somewhere round here I have a photoshoot for Laura


as I doubt I shall find that now for tomorrow


can I still get a refund next year at an event


or is there somwhere i can post it for a refund


is there a way of getting a refund without the ticket


i paid by CCard so there should be a record of my payment





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I read this as you can get a refund at a later event too if you decide you can't make it. Otherwise you'll have to post the ticket.


If you can't find your ticket anymore you will have to contact the office about this, a refund without ticket is nothing I can make a decision on I'm afraid.

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Can you do this with other tickets too, like bring the Craig Sheffer and Aiden Turner photo tickets to get refunded.


From how I read the postings all refunds will be done automatically, otherwise Showmasters would have specified you can turn in your tickets on the day. If you got a minute and the queues are not too long you could ask at the Organisers Booth, but I am not making any promises.

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