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Guest Cancellation - Martha Hackett

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Get WHEATON, as Sheldon would say

Roxanne Dawson would be a good replacement.Voyager is under represented at this event.

I'd love to see robert picardo


Doesn't the guy live in Ireland (Eire)?? It's just across the water. Come on Colm.

Also i thought Siddig went to School in England (Thanet) He was here few months ago shooting a short film. Get him PLEASE!!!

Still feel we need more Star Trek Honey's!!!! Teri Hatcher ;)



Simon Pegg would be great too.

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A little birdie let it slip that it may be Geordie. But nothing's confirmed by the showmasters so I'm treating it as a rumour.

Levar Burton wouldn't be available

However, Armin Shimerman might be

Who knows if LeVar wouldn't be available?Apparently on 1 channel he is seen advertising the event so he just may turn up!
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I know there is probably no hope. But i would love to hear LeVar Burton and or Jonathon Frakes get announced!


i agree but probably not.

Why the delay on announcement???????

Aside from the other posts mentioning that EMS is currently on right now, announcements only happen when the contract has been signed and returned to Showmasters.


Take account that the announcement of cancellation was October 2nd and it has only just hit October 7th. Just hold on in there.

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Frakes was at EMS and was an amazing guest to meet.

He is a great guest. Very pro fan. A shame he cannot make DSTL as stated by Jason.


Well maybe next time

From what Jason posted a while back, he did try for DSTL, but that weekend was a no go. Frakes then said when he was available and EMS worked. That is what I call top duder.

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Catherine Hicks would be great as a replacement, she is lovely and great with guests


also Nick Tate one of my fav guest stars from DS9


or Barry Jenner - again good fan friendly guy


or Ken Marshall - never met...does he do cons??


or William Sadler - excellent guest


whoever you are working on i'm sure it will be good and I will be happy whoever it is....but if it off my list here i will be a very happy bunny indeed

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If I could choose it would be Marina Sirtis but imagine she would have been asked before as she is a Londoner and loves the conventions and meeting fans...second choice Gates McFadden!

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