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Latest guest Announcement - Natasha Henstridge

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Latest guest Announcement - Natasha Henstridge



Natasha will be with us over the weekend and will be talking part in photo ops and a talk , this is a very rare chance to meet Natasha and her first time at a event like this.


Species - Sil


The Secret Circle (TV series) - Dawn Chamberlain (21 episodes, 2011-2012)


Deception - Wall Street Analyst

Species III - Eve

The Whole Ten Yards - Cynthia

Riders - Karen

Ghosts of Mars - Lieutenant Melanie Ballard

Bounce - Mimi Prager

The Whole Nine Yards - Cynthia Tudeski

It Had to Be You - Anna Penn

Species II - Eve

Maximum Risk - Alex Minetti

CSI: Miami (TV series) - Agent Renee Locklear (2 episodes, 2011)

Time Jumper (TV series) - Charity Vyle (10 episodes, 2009-2010)

Eli Stone (TV series) - Taylor Wethersby (26 episodes, 2008-2009), Soundtrack(2 episodes, 2008)

She Spies (TV series) - Cassie McBain (40 episodes, 2002-2004)

Commander in Chief (TV series) - Jayne Murray (16 episodes, 2005-2006)






















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Was originally only planning on getting an autograph from her from Secret Circle but i think i will very much be dissappointed later if i also don't take one of her in Species.

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