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My thoughts on Sunday.

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After hearing mixed reviews about yesterday I was unsure what to expect today. I had heard about the queue palaver and hoped that by today they would sort it out. I can't vouch personally for the queues yesterday but it seems they did! I arrived in good time and saw they were putting out barriers as I started lining up. At 9am on the dot the doors opened and we all went in swiftly and smoothly.


I had been concerned having no tickets and just a confirmation but got in no problem. I grabbed by VQ tickets for the day and met all five of my targets by 10am (John Simm, Bernard Cribbins, Anthony Head, Frema Agyeman and Alex Winter).


The photo desk sorted me out with my John Simm photoshoot tickets - no problem- and the blue crew member at the photoshoot done a fantastic job of keeping things under control and moving. Overall a fantastic day, no complaints and I feel sorry for people who didn't have as great a time yesterday, but what I saw today was an excellently organised and controlled event which wasn't TOO busy and I left at 12 having done everything I looked forward to doing.


Roll on next year! :)

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There has always been fewer people on Sunday than Saturday, but that is partly because the big big headline guests always seem to be Saturday only.


Happy to hear it was hopefully easier for everyone who went today, my body could not take any more after yesterday lol...

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I found it much better on Sunday. Walking around at 9:30am before most of the crowd arrived, it was especially nice - no being jostled or weaving around people. It was so quiet...


Then everyone turned up later and the day got going, but even then it stayed pretty good all day. Redeemed the LFCC 2012 for me :thumbup:

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