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Favourite guests?

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Chris Judge and Michael Winslow stood out to me but Gates McFadden was really nice and she really took charge of the talk and really got into the crowd with it. Adam and Jewel did a really great talk and were genuinely entertaining.


I also ran into that CBS trekologist bloke In the gold room which was random although it would be the day I was not in costume!

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KEVIN SORBO. What a guy! Want more. Want another autograph...might even be persuaded to pay for a photo op.


I already know what a charmer Anthony Head is - that's why I wanted to see him again. My bad for getting there so late! Ditto re the photo op.


Must try and see Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker and Warwick Davis for autographs some day soon as they acknowledge where possible when I wave and say hi as I'm towed past their places.


More Game of Thrones cast, please. My husband was entranced!

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Really difficult to pick out a favourie for me but Craig Parker and Ke Huy Quan were both really nice and friendly.


I was really impressed with Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan, and Gillian Anderson, although they didn't have long due to pressures with everyone they had to get through they made time to speak to me during signings and were all really nice during photo shoots too. As a big fan of Hayden I was over the moon to meet her, she was very busy but was very polite, and a pleasure to meet.


The only disappointment I came away with was not being able to afford to see more guests and thinking I wish I had made time beforehand to give GoT a go. As I haven't seen any of GoT I didn't visit those guests but I have to say I did think about it purely due to how friendly they seemed to be. All in all would love to see all the guests back at some point in the near future.

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All the guests I went for were amazing, Holly was probably the least forthcoming but bless her she looked shattered, but she did say hi and how are you and was very nice and pleasant!!


Tony Head was fab as always!!


Brian Krause, what a sweetheart and if you can get him back for every event that would be perfect, he gives the best hugs, has a genuine megawatt smile that makes you smile and remembers you!!!


John Simm was cool, wasn't sure what to expect but was nice and we had a little chat about Phil Glenister, very friendly, good old northern lad :-)


Adam Baldwin was amazing, he wrote my favourite quote from Independence Day on my 10x8 without me having to ask, he was fine about me tripping over his feet in the photo shoot and he was so gorgeous at the signing with that intense eye contact he makes that I was blushing when I left, we had a lovely conversation about the music he had playing next to him and quite frankly I think I'm a little bit in love with him!!!!!

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Rose Leslie is without doubt one of the nicest people I've ever met.


She was smiling from start to finish and had time for everyone that saw her. When I saw her she said to me that she didn't think she would have been as busy as she had been and seemed genuinely flattered that she was so popular.


A great booking, would love to see her back again!!

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Chris Judge, hands down. He really did seem to have a smile on his face all day, and was truly wonderful with everyone from what I could see! Seems that his reputation for being an awesome guy is well earned. Dude also has the patience of a saint XD. He was the deciding factor for me attending this year, and I am glad that I did!


Ben Browder was almost on a par though! He was lovely, and I'm pretty sure I heard the girl with him telling someone he had volunteered to stay right until the end? I heard he was quite jet-lagged too so that is super-nice if it's true!

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We met lots of guests over the weekend and they were all lovely. I was really pleased that all the big guests , Karl, Gillian, Jeri, John & Freema all had time to chat which makes a nice change.


It was our 3rd time meeting Craig and we told him it was because he is on our "best guests ever" list and he seemed genuinely touched. I love the fact that he doesn't sit behind the table.


Ciaran was really great too and happily gave career advice to my daugher. Also Robert Maschio was brilliant - what a guy.


And all the GoT guests were incredibly friendly and really pleased at how popular the show was. Loved the fact you had the throne their too.


Thanks for a great weekend


Putting the feet up now !!!

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Everyone I met was great!


Danielle Harris was wonderful, so pleasant and open to talk about all her projects. I know i've said it before, but I really can't believe how small she was, my younger brother said he wanted to pick her up and carry her home. She made my day!


Zach Gilligan was great, oddly enough when I met him, my head went completely blank and I even walked away without saying anything or getting a photo with him. I realized what I had done and went back an hour later, he found it very humorous, and we had a good talk about Gremlins, and he was more than happy to let me have a photo with him.


Martin Kove was extremely friendly, and very engaging. We talked about everything from the Karate Kid franchise to the 'Sweep The Leg' music video Billy Zabka directed, to his early role in Deathrace 2000 and his friendship with Stallone in the early 80's.

Great photo guest too!


Robert Maschio (aka The Todd) was hilarious, I went to shake his hand, he laughed, said "what are you doing?", and put his hand up for a signature High-5 & Click! Actually felt like I was on Scrubs! We talked about his time on the show, and it's fate regarding Season 9 etc..... He was very fun to talk with, an honor to meet all round.


Jewel Staite was my reason to go, along with Danielle Harris. She was as lovely as expected, though her cues were longer, and it felt way less personal than others. She was nice, but conversation was kept to a minimum and no photos, which I'm more than happy to adhere to. Though she did laugh when I told her I'm naming my first daughter after 'Kaylee' (Kaywinnit Lee), and said "well Joss does come up with beautiful names".


Even though I didn't meet them, I think Ben Bowder, Craig Parker, and of course Tony Head need mentioning for the sheer great attitudes they had towards all their fans, it was highly noticeable throughout!

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Alam Baldwin - pure charm itself and was totally delightful to my daughter. Asked her about her costume (River Tam) inspected her weapons and asked to see some of her masquerade performance. Guy is a total gent.

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Chris Judge, what a lovely warm smile he has. Ben Browder I have always liked him since Farscape, and Saturday was the first time I'd met him, I was not disappointed at all. He's got to loose the tash though! :smile:


Jane Badler, a lovely lady, she was so sweet and obliging, we chatted for about 10 mins and she seemed pleased that I'd mentioned her stint in Neighbours

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Most of the guests were absolute sweethearts.


Robert Maschio - my first shoot on Saturday, and as I walked away, he told me I smelled like cotton candy :wub: . And when I went back today for a photo, I told him he'd made my day with that comment. That then led to a lot of playful jokes, and his crew person took a photo of us while he told her to "take your time", as he was busy sniffing my hair. Cracked me up laughing, but led to a fantastic photo :wub: .


Anthony Stewart Head - happily gave a lovely hug in the photo shoot, and then indulged my geekiness by autographing a picture with "cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got..." :YAHOO: .


Chris Judge - the most chilled out and happy bloke I met. He walked up to his photo shoot, stopped to look at us all waiting and then gave a slow grin and a drawled "Good morning all". Made every single person smile :coolthumb: I loved his "eracism" shirt too.


Rose Leslie - couldn't have been sweeter or smilier when you met her for photo shoots. What a sweetheart ^_^


Jeri Ryan - beautiful but also so welcoming and friendly for photos. Genuine warmth.


Freema Agyeman - very smiley and made you feel welcome for the photo shoot.


Brian Krause - allowed hugs in his shoots - thanks dude!

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Kate Bracken was an absolute pleasure to meet! So lovely and chatty and didn't feel like a rush when she was signing.


Hayden Panettiere was lovely (and the one I was most excited to meet), even though she wasn't as enthusiastic as other guests but I can completely understand why (what with 600-odd photoshoots in a single go and a bad back).


Rose Leslie, although I was stood with a friend who was meeting her, was so lovely! Very chatty and lively, even towards the end of the day and included me in the conversation with herself and my friend which I felt was very considerate!

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Bernard Cribbins! What an absolute legend, really funny man. A national treasure and I feel very lucky to have met him.


William Russell, a true gentleman


Rose Leslie, charming lady and very friendly


Freema Agyeman, she took time to chat and was very smiley and friendly


Amrita Acharia, just wonderful


Eugene Simon, great guy really nice to meet him


John Bradley, a cool dude


Gwendoline Christie, lovely lady, gutted I didn;t get to do a shoot with her


Bai Ling, she just embodied class and was really lovely


Meetings with Hayden, Gillian and John Simm were understandably brief but I found all three of them to be really nice.


Great guests all round, I wasn't dissapointed with a single person I met.

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wow i have to say Hayden was my nr 1 she was nice and had a whole lot of people for the photoshoots,

2nd jeri was amazing and so friendly, also jand Badler was terrific i loved meeting her she had time to chat on friday and me & my dad had a nice pic with her

danielle was nice and fun to talk to as well

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Craig Parker and Anthony Head were the two that stuck out to me, Craig was just to die for he stood the other side of the table and was hugging everyone and really made an effort to speak to everyone who was in his queue and at his photo shoot. Anthony head is just a legend thru and thru he is so great with his fans and he does the best photos ever in his shoots he always looks happy and hugs you

Other guest's I saw was Jewel and Adam they were both amazing and put quotes on both my auto (didn't even have to ask) and they made really good conversation.

Karl Urban I went to see randomly and I was so pleased I did he was really friendly and we ended up nattering about Wimbledon and the weather. Holly, Thomas, Danielle, Freema, Gillian, Christopher, Brian we also really great. I was a little unsure with Hayden but I knew her signing would be brief and mega quick but she was smilling and friendly


I wasn't disappointed with any guest - great done showmasters on the guests

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I met so many people this weekend and they were pretty much all lovely, especially bearing in mind that I saw most of them after midday, when they might have become tired. I got tongue-tied for a lot of them as usual, so not much was said, but here are my thoughts below:


I've heard that some people were less than impressed with Hayden Panettiere, but she was absolutely fine when I met her, saying, "How are you?" and suchlike at her auto signing, and agreed with my comment that it was a lot less hectic queueing for her than it had been at the now-legendarily manic Heroes visit to the LFCC in 2007.


Rose Leslie was a sweetheart - she sounded so enthusiastic and smiled all the time.


Robert Maschio was fun. My friend Firecracker has already commented on how he was unashamedly sniffing her hair "like a dog" because she was wearing some unusual and very nice perfume, heehee. He prefers high-fives to shaking hands as many know; I am useless at high-fives so after the first one was a bit off, I apologized for sucking and then went, "Sterile high five!" [Scrubs-style sound effect] (that's a no-touch high-five for the uninitiated) and we did that one perfectly! So cool that he was in costume too.


Iain Glen was gorgeous (ahem). I couldn't say anything bar the usual "Hello" and my name for personalization and "Thank you, nice to meet you," but he was fine. Oooo, I've just remembered - I gave him the photo of Dany handing him some books as I thought he looked best in that, but he also grabbed an additional photo showing a close-up of Ser Jorah and signed that too for me. Awwww! (OK, he had to scribble out something that was already written on there - not sure what that was about - but it was a freebie and was my second favourite shot of Ser Jorah so I took it very happily, heehee.) I think that was my favourite photoshoot of the lot too.


Speaking of favourite photoshoots, Charles Dance's was probably my second favourite. Awesome. Unfortunately I got a bit distracted when I went up to get an auto as his crew member made a reference to my Alter Bridge T-shirt and we had a brief fannish moment, so Charles was probably wondering why I wasn't paying more attention to him. Ooopsie. Great to see him there, though, and I told him so.


Jane Badler was a sweetie - we were both agreeing that her black-and-white ambassador outfit was her best and had a giggle about the cosplayer who was wearing the same uniform and carrying the V baby around with her - brilliant (the other cosplayer wearing that uniform looked great too).


Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea were really great in their Saturday talk. Nicholas did a masterful job of attempting to answer questions at the top of his voice after the mike had given out; I thanked him for that when I went for his auto. And he gave me a knowing grin when I blushingly admitted to having watched his Supernatural appearance online... (Because I couldn't wait! I'll be buying the Blu-Ray as soon as it's out, Nicholas, believe me. :D)


Thomas Dekker was sweet; I was most impressed that he recognized me in the photoshoot and said, "Hello again," given that I couldn't think of anything interesting to say anything to him in when I got his auto (this makes me even more grateful to that crew member at CMK who knew loads about Brandon Routh and was able to give me something to say! Icing on the cake, definitely).


Bernard Cribbins was so much fun in the photoshoot, cracking jokes and making random comments. Great to meet him. John Simm wrote "With love" on his auto, awwwwww. Freema Agyeman was very welcoming and bubbly with everyone and even wished me a great rest of the day, bless her.


Adam Baldwin - so glad he came back so I got a chance to meet him! He was all punchy and jet-lagged in the Saturday talk, which was hilarious, and held my hand in one of those special fist-up handshakes in the photoshoot. I didn't meet Jewel this time as I've seen her twice before, but she made a great foil for Adam in the talk.


Ross Mullan - really pleased I met him. I initially nipped over to apologize because I didn't think I could afford an auto with him (I spent SO MUCH money) but wanted to say that I'd liked his appearance on GoT, so we ended up chatting a bit anyway about prosthetic work (he knows Doug Jones and was nearly involved in covering some of the Abe Sapien work on Hellboy) and he made a point of saying, "Nice to meet you," afterwards. Very sweet guy. I actually discovered some additional dosh I'd secreted in one of my hidden pockets and then forgotten, so was able to get his auto in the end and felt much better.


The other GoT guests I met (John Bradley, Amrita Acharia, Nonso Anozie, Eugene Simon, Gwendoline Christie) were all very pleasant, as was Kevin Sorbo. Nonso and Kevin looked great in my pickup photoshoots, so I'm actually really glad I missed the scheduled shoots and had plenty of time to cool down and de-shine my face.


Michael Socha was a perky chap, saying, "Ay up," to me when we met (and writing it on his auto). Felt very bad I couldn't afford to see Kate Bracken as she was looking very lonely at times, but maybe another time.


Karl Urban was also most personable and made a point of saying, "Nice to meet you," to me in the auto room. (I wish I could have got more photos for him to sign, particularly one for LoTR, but could only afford the one, so went for Star Trek, natch.) Gillian Anderson and Jeri Ryan were very nice too, considering how busy they were (Jeri seemed most impressed by the person in front of me who was wearing a Seven of Nine silver costume and exclaimed out loud when she saw it, which I hope made that attendee very happy).


Didn't get to meet him, but Michael Winslow was hilarious in his talk. I thought I'd missed it, but managed to get in just after it started at a later time than the one in my personal schedule. My favourite bit was probably the Star Wars TIE fighter attack sequence, but it was all really good - I was cracking up!


Finally, I didn't meet them either (much as I would have liked to do so!), but I noticed Craig Parker was sitting on the outside of his desk in order to be closer to the fans for photos and whatnot, and of course the magnificent Tony Head was doing sterling business signing away for his hordes of eager fans. I've already met him three times so let the others have their chance and just feasted my eyes every now and then. *cough*


I think that's it. So many other guests I would have liked to meet, had I the time and money! Really a super line-up this year.

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Martin Kove,fab guest,we chatted about The Karate Kid,Rambo,Death race 2000,working with Sly Stallone and shopping in Harrods!,very happy to pose for photos and add quotes to his pictures,top guest,i hope he comes back soon.

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