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There will be access to the balcony this year some where to chill out

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there will be access to the main balcony at this years event some where to chill out and take a look at the show from above , we have had a lot of people asking for more space to chill out and this year we have this extra space , there are no seats but people are welcome to sit done on the floor its very bright and clean up there sand its nice to have take a rest and talk to your friends and enjoy the days


access to the balcony is by stairs or the lift .


see you all very soon



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Great idea! It was the only place that was cool, which was good. Took a bit of busyness off the main floor too, instead of people loitering everywhere and blocking up gangways. A good place to chat and have lunch too; to escape the packed food areas.

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It was sooooo sooooo sooooo much cooler up there today and a handy place to grab a bite to eat and have a break (not that I had more than 5 minutes break in the 9 and a half hours I was there today lol...)


I don't know - Is it just because these places are older? - but Olympia and Earls Court are just overwhelming in the crowds, there were people verging on fainting in photo queues at times (especially the Adam Baldwin one but we won't go there, I know it was a nightmare for everyone Showmasters people included and no point dwelling on it because everything else has been awesome today !!!)...

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