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Latest guest announcement - CAROLE ANN FORD

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Duo shoot is a must! I got one in 2010, I treasure it


I'm in 2 minds about meeting them here as they are cheaper at other events in the coming months BUT then there is no guarantee they wont cxl those. Tough choice,


I've you have not met them DO NOT pass up this chance!

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I'm wondering if would be there a photo to get signed "The DAy of the Triffids" or should I find by myself a photo from this movie?


If you have the chance to get one I'd bring my own. There is no guarantee one will be there.



thats what I guess.. :-D I should make a print out from the internet but to bad I haven't a printer........awwww. Na, da muss ich mir wohl noch dringend etwas überlegen wie ich zu einem Ausdruck komme....

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