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Browder/Judge stargate photo-op ?

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There are lots of doubles and group shoots that would be great. But as we've said before, we only have a finite amount of time in the day.


We've added a 3rd photo shoot but with all the guests we have we still don't have time for more than about 70% to have photoshoots on that day. So for every double shot we add it means another guest doesn't get a photo shoot at all. And we can't have JUST the double shot, because some people will be coming for Ben for Farscape and won't be happy if the only photo available is a double with Chris.


The only other wa yI see to add time is if we start having the big guests only have a photoshoot on one day, but then we'll get all of the complaints about "But I'm not coming that day!!!".


We always look at doing them, BUT (and this is a big but) it has to be fair to everyone.

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