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Mini Princess Leia thanks you!


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Hi all


I just wanted to pop a post on to say thank you if you waved at, smiled at or spoke to my daughter, Summer, while she was running round yesterday and for a bit today dressed as a mini Princess Leia.


She is only 18 months old and although she did come last year, this was her first year running round like a crazy person in cosplay! She seemed to really love how everyone reacted to her and it meant the world to us that everyone was so lovely to her. The peeps at the Novare Alliance and the guys with the R2D2's were so wonderful with her, in fact everyone was, so I just wanted to come on and say thanks to you all.


A notable mention must also go to Sean Astin. I got an auto from him on Friday but my daughter loves Special Agent Oso so I thought I would see if he would be willing to have a photo with her. He was not only happy but went well above and beyond to help her sit nicely and distract he enough to get the awesome photo below so a huge thanks to him as well.


Looks like the next stop for mini Leia is LFCC! Thanks again everyone and see you all there!





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What a lovely story. Thanks for posting it. :smile:


There is something really special about seieng the joy on a child's face. I don't have kids, thank god! I would be a terrible parent.


A few years ago I went to see the Doctor Who prom at the Royal Albert Hall. Sitting beside me was a boy, I would guess about 8 or 9 years old. Everytime a creature came on stage or into the crowd he would get so excited. We were sitting to the left of the stage, practically on the thing. At one point a Dalek came onto the stage right past, slightly below us. This kid was quite literally bouncing in his seat in excitement.


The show was great, the music was superb but the whole day for me was made by this boy who I don't know the name of and had never met. His excitement and knowing he would be telling his friends and parents all about how amazing it was made the day for me and I remember him more than I do most of the show.

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I too would like to thank everyone who waved at Mini Leia (my niece) I have been attending Showmasters events since their humble beginnings and can honestly say that this one stands out for the fun we had watching her run around the venue smiling at everyone and kissing R2 D2!

Thank you one and all and we will see you at LFCC :)


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