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Elstree Empire Day - Auction Info

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adriangill    245
The Kurtz Joiner Archive


We are working on the historical items from the Archive which we intend to display at the Elstree Empire Day.


All will have to be displayed under glass, and this section of the convention will be a strictly no photos or filming zone. Many of the items have never been seen by the public before and are important parts of Star Wars history within the Archive, and as such we plan to use them in future displays and books. If these images are on the internet it will make it much harder to put a book together and be far less interesting to the fans.


I wanted you to understand why we are having this rule. We want you all be able to see these amazing items and we hope you understand and see where we are coming from with this rule.



The Kurtz Joiner Archive


Hi all we have been looking out some cool items for the auction at the Elstree Empire day.


To start with we have a very rare making of the Empire Strikes Back book signed by Freeborn ,Johnson ,Muren ,Reynolds ,Nichlson ,Pangrazio ,Peterson ,Tippitt ,McQuarrie,Johnston, Jamero, Edlund all under each of there photos , this was signed back in 1980 and looks amazing


The auction is a no reserve auction and this is the start of many really great times we are looking out that are doubles or are spear, so keep an eye in this page and our web site to keep up to date with whats going under the hammer , all moneys raised will help the on going restoration and preservation of the Archive, and help to keep it for future generations of fans to see





The Kurtz Joiner Archive

another item for the Empire Day action

Jim Henson and Frank Oz framed autograph with a Yoda and Kermit Archive photo like this one








The Kurtz Joiner Archive

we have a nice Michael Sheard autograph for the auction and a very nice Sir Alec Guinness we are having them framed as we speak with some amazing images from the Archive , images to go up as soon as they are back from the framers many more very rare and cool items will be in this auction









The Kurtz Joiner Archive

latest auction item for the Elstree Empire Day a Jim Henson and Frank Oz autographs with a amazing Star Wars/Muppet image this will also be framed at the event when it is auctioned off



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