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Your top three guests


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Just for fun and out of interest, if you could choose three people to be announced for Bitten 3 (Nelsan excepted because we have him :D ) who would they be?




1. Denis O'Hare

Not only is he the saving grace of Season 3 he's also brilliant in American Horror Story. It's like getting two for the price of one :lol:


2. ASkars

Well Eric is too epic for words. Obvious but vital choice.


3. Ryan Kwanten

I love Jason Stackhouse as a character, he has had such a great arc since Season 1, most especially in Season 4. Also I've met him and he's wonderful.

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Eeeeep! If I had to choose...


Dennis O'hare ~ He is amazing, and i've been wanting to meet him since season 3 .. And I agree, he's brilliant in american horror storys!! Love him to bits!


Alex skarsgard for me too! Adore that bloke, and he's hot I think i'd melt in his presence! :D


Janina Gavankar [Luna] I think she would be funny and a lovely person to meet! :)


[i wish I could of met Kristin Beaur but I never knew about this con when bitten 1 was around .. ]

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Nelsan was in my original top 3 if memory serves, so I'm very happy regardless of who is announced.


If I'm allowed a top three on top of Nelsan (hee), today I would like:


1. Stephen Moyer


2. James Frain


3. Denis O'Hare


(Choices subject to change, given my whims. :D)

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I've changed my list about 37 times, but I'll go with:


1) Alex Skarsgaard (Because, well, duh!)

2) Kevin Alejandro (surprised his name hasn't come up more often! Esp to see him and Nelsan together as themselves!)

3) Allan Hyde (Met him before but such a great guest!)


Gimme another 5 mins and I'll prob change my mind again.... :rolleyes:

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