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1st Guest Announcement Marianna Hill

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latest Guest Announcement Marianna Hill


she will be attending the show from 11 am till 4 pm signing autographs and having photos at the table when people buy a autograph her autograph will be £15



High Plains Drifter - Callie Travers Clint Eastwood film

The Godfather: Part II - Deanna Corleone

El Condor - Claudine

Paradise, Hawaiian Style - Lani Kaimana Elvis Presley film

Red Line 7000 - Gabrielle

Roustabout - Viola Elvis Presley film

The New Interns - Sandy


Star Trek (TV series) - Helen Noel (1 episode, 1966)

Batman (TV series) - Cleo Patrick (2 episodes, 1966)

Remington Steele (TV series) - Brenda Flowers (1 episode, 1984)

Kung Fu (TV series) - Louise Coblenz (1 episode, 1974)

Quincy M.E. (TV series) - Lisa (1 episode, 1977)

Kodiak (TV series) - Julie (1 episode, 1974)

Hogan's Heroes (TV series) - Eskimo / Lousia (1 episode, 1969)

The High Chaparral (TV series) - Juanita (1 episode, 1969)

Mission: Impossible (TV series) - Louisa Rojas (1 episode, 1968)

The Wild Wild West (TV series) - Belladonna (1 episode, 1967)

I Spy (TV series) - Joanne (1 episode, 1967)

Burke's Law (TV series) - Dr. Goddard (1 episode, 1964)

Dr. Kildare (TV series) - Gina Crain (1 episode, 1964)

Bonanza (TV series) - Dolores Tenino (1 episode, 1964)

Gunsmoke (TV series) - Annie (1 episode, 1963)

Perry Mason (TV series) - Theba (1 episode, 1963)

The Untouchables (TV series) - Laurie Reagan (1 episode, 1962)

77 Sunset Strip (TV series) - Juanita / Latin Girl / Silvana Mello (4 episodes, 1960-1962)













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Met her earlier this year and she was lovely, really very friendly and approachable


QFT! (In other words, I was about to say more or less exactly the same thing.)

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