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update for Collectormania Bluewater


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Hi all


with this venue being a brand new we have had a few issues with getting all the information we needed to get the show going for March , this is no one's fault its just down to trying to get a new building up and running .


also to start up a big new show in whats looking to be a hard year ahead is not easy ether so we are going to bump this first show at Bluewater to March 2013 now .


we still know that this is a great venue and we are looking forward to getting a new show going but with little time to get the guests and get the word out to the fans we know its best to run it in 2013 .


new dates will go up soon .


we do have some plans for a smaller event for the first quarter of the year in a new town so watch this space , but not a crazy big event like this .


sorry for having to let you know just before christmas but we were still trying to make this work up till the last few day and as soon as we know something not going to happen we tell you.


we feel its best to be careful and just run the strong established event in 2013 till the tuff times are easier , but the events we have been running for years are going to have some really great guest this year as we have lots offers out and lots of guest coming back to us with interest in attending .



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Not surprised.....won't be going to MK - hate that draughty stadium....will save money and do a day at LFCC instead....how disappointing...

May be draughty, but usually good guests and a good long weekend.




Still not worth it...I've reached the age where I can be discerning about where I go...and where I go is indoors and in comfort and warmth...



Will wait till LFCC...

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Actually I've found out I wouldn't be able to make it that weekend as it clashes with something else.


I don't plan on going to that smelly drafty stadium again.


Might try Autographica this year, seeing as the venue is somewhere a little more central!


I certainly won't be going to any London events.

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