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Ron Perlman and the Reaper Crew

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Anyone else fancy meeting some of the Sons of Anarchy cast?


Not only is it a really great show in itself, but the great thing about most of the cast is that they've all got other credits that make them very desirable to meet.


Ron Perlman would be great and not just for SOA, but Hellboy, etc.


Katy Sagal would also please Futurama fans.


Mark Boone Junior would please Batman Begins fans.


Charlie Hunnam was also in sci fi classic Children of Men and Star Wars Episode 2.


Maggie Siff was in the US version of Life on Mars.


Kim Coates was in Resident Evil 3 and Silent Hill.


And these are just the really obvious ones, so please Showmasters how about a SOA extravaganza? I'm sure you could talk to the people at Fox and link it to the Season 4 release, etc.

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Hurrah - one supporter. I thought this idea would fly when you look at the cast and their credits.

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