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guests planned for this event who do you want to meet


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Realistic Bond People would be:


A View to a Kill


Toni White

Mary Stavin


Diamonds Are Forever


Joe Robinson

Trina Parks


For Your Eyes Only


George Leech

John Moreno




Margaret Nolan

Mai Ling


Living Daylights


John Terry

Nadim Sawalha


Never Say Never Again


Gavan O'Herlihy

Pamela Salem




Steven Berkoff

Albert Moses


Spy Who Loved Me


Vernon Dobtcheff




Paul Stassino

Molly Peters

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How about these Classic but brilliant Actors/Actresses. I can only dream with most of them


Julie Andrews

Judy Parfitt

Dick Van Dyke

Hayley Mills

Christopher Plummer

Robert Duvall

Ronnie Corbett

Ian Holm

Christopher Lee

Betty White

Shelley Long

Shirley Maclaine

Omar Sharif

Tippi Hedren

Sally Ann Howes

Prunella Scales

Timothy West

Kathy Bates

Carol Burnett

Tim Curry

Albert Finney

Robert Guillaume

Mel Brooks

Angela Lansbury

Shelley Duvall

Jon Voight

Adam West

James Woods

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I really don't know the kind of guests to suggest, but I will have a guess. These are the guests I would like to meet:


How about some more James Bond directors?


Lewis Gilbert - 'The Spy Who Loved Me', You Only Live Twice' and 'Moonraker'.

Guy Hamilton - 'Goldfinger', 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Live & Let Die'


And Roger Moore.

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Realistic guests.


Leslie Phillips (The Doctor series of films)

Melvyn Hayes + Una Stubbs (Summer Holiday and other Cliff films)

Mark Lester + Ron Moody (Oliver)

Anna Quale, Sally Anne Howes. Heather Ripley (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

Some of the puppeteers from Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

Barbara Windsor (Carry On legend)

Dave King + Derek Thompson (Charlie in Casualty) (The Long Good Friday)

Sean Pertwee + Laim Cunningham (Dog Soldiers)

Sean Pertwee + Lee Ross + Warren Clarke (I.D.) = the best film about football hooliganism

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Brian Clemens (screenwriter, producer - The Avengers, The Professionals)

Ray Austin (stuntman, director - The Avengers, The Saint, Space: 1999)

John Hough (director - The Avengers, Twins of Evil)

Richard Bates (television writer, producer - The Avengers, Darling Buds of May)

Honor Blackman (The Avengers, Goldfinger)

Burt Kwouk (The Pink Panther films)

Susan George (Straw Dogs)

Joanna Pettet (Casino Royale (1967), The Best House in London)

Fiona Lewis (Fearless Vampire Killers)

Pattie Boyd, Anna Quayle (A Hard Day's Night)

Gabrielle Drake, Dolores Mantez (UFO)

Kenneth Cope, Annette André (Randall and Hopkirk)

Gerald Harper, Juliet Harmer (Adam Adamant Lives!)

William Gaunt, Alexandra Bastedo, Stuart Damon (The Champions)

Peter Wyngarde, Rosemary Nicols (Department S)

Michael Brandon, Glynis Barber (Dempsey and Makepeace)

Nicola Bryant (Doctor Who)

Anneke Wills (Doctor Who, Strange Report)

Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me, Dracula A.D. 1972)

Valerie Leon (Blood from the Mummy's Tomb)

Mary Collinson, Madeleine Collinson (Twins of Evil, Playboy Playmates)

Margaret Nolan, Tania Mallet, Shirley Eaton, Lana Wood, Mary Stavin (Bond girls)

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