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London Movie Mart Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London


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This is the first London Movie Mart we are running


Date 6th of May 2012


location Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London


there will be around 150 tables of dealers selling everything from Film and TV from the classics to the latest releases.


doors open from 11am to the public and costs £3.00


there is also a early bird entry for £10 were you can get in from 10 am when the traders are still setting up to fine that rare item or find that bargain .


this is the place to find amazing collectables that you just do not see any more also a great place to bring along your spear collectables you do not want to keep and trade them or of just sell them to the dealers .


and if you have a lot of items to sell then a dealers space only cost £50 for the first show any spot walls are first come first serve .



the 3 dates for 2012 are May 6th ,Sept 16th and 18th of Nov


items you will find there will be the likes of


Vintage film Posters

Moden film Posters

Lobby cards and film stills

8"x 10 " photos of your favorite celebrities


general films collectables

film and TV books

Sci-Fi toys and collectables

Trading cards from TV and film

DVD'S and videos

film magazines




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I went today, I was surprised how quiet it was. I was hoping to pick up some rare soundtracks or some trading cards, but I hardly saw any of either and there was nothing I needed. There also seemed to be far fewer tables than the above announcement suggested. Still, I got a new Doctor Who t-shirt, so at least my journey wasn't entirely wasted.

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