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Don’t know how many of you have been following the GB Trials but they have just had a interview with the wonderful Mary Rand.

Mary is one of our greatest Olympians winning Gold, Silver and Bronze at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. She now lives in the US but while she is over here it would be amazing if SM could get her to agree to attend.

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Sophia Loren

Peter "Robocop" Weller

Bolo (he doesn't speak a lick of English though.....it doesn't matter , still a legend)

Bruce Li or Bruce Le (as I've said previously....not everyday you meet a Lee "clone")

Bridgette Wilson/Talisa Soto

Mike Lonsdale (if Kananga canned then why not Hugo Drax ;)

Karl Otto Alberty (would be a shame to miss him as a guest , after all he was in Great Escape and Kellys Heroes)

Pat Bauchau (Zorins henchman Scarpine)

Melrose Place 90s (some of them must have time.....what's CTS or Locklear doing ?)

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Debbie Reynolds, lauren Bacall. some of the screen legends . They still travel around alot. Both were in london last year.or Olivia Dehavilland. I think Olivia lives now in Paris and still attends public functions like Theatre shows and Museam openings.Easily fly her to Birmingham.

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This might be a bit of a different one but I've just read this article on the BBC website about nose art on American aircraft during WW2, just wondered want the chances would be of getting any of those people who drew those images on planes over for Autographica, even better if any of them could be persudaded to do sketches as well as signings:



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Marguerite LeWars (Dr. No)

Nadja Regin (FRWL + Goldfinger)

Aliza Gur (FRWL)

Tania Mallet (Goldfinger)

Claudine Auger (Thunderball)

Akiko Wakabayashi (YOLT)

Mie Hama (YOLT)

Karin Dor (YOLT)

Diana Rigg (OHMSS)

Virginia North (OHMSS)

Mona Chong (OHMSS)

Jill St John (DAF)

Putter Smith (DAF)

Bruce Glover (DAF)

Donna Garratt (DAF)

Lon Satton (LALD)

Clifton James (LALD)

Britt Ekland (TMWTGG)

Sue Vanner (TSWLM)

Corinne Clery (Moonraker)

Toshiro Suga (Moonraker)

Leila Shenna (Moonraker)

Nicaise Jean Louis (Moonraker)

Carole Bouquet (FYEO)

Stefan Kalipha (FYEO)

Kabir Bedi (Octopussy)

Michaela Clavell (Octopussy)

Vijay Amritraj (Octopussy)

Tina Hudson (Octopussy)

Mary Stavin (Octopussy)

Patrick Bauchau (AVTAK)

Alison Doody (AVTAK)

Virginia Hey (TLD)

Kell Tyler (Belle Avery) (TLD)

Carey Lowell (LTK)

Talisa Soto (LTK)

Everett McGill (LTK)

Anthony Starke (LTK)


Hi Showmaster!


Thanks to so many of my wishes have been fulfilled! :thumbup:




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