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Lost my Russian SW 1/2 sh poster ("3 heads" style art)

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Signed by Chewbacca , R2D2 , Jawa , Vader , Greedo and Roubicek.....last I remember was holding it on the tube so it got lost there or at baggage check in Heathrow :angry:


Also 3 large photos of Rigg (1 unsigned , 2 signed in BOLD red marker.....they didnt have regular sz Sharpies lol)

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Ouch. That's an expensive loss.


Have you tried Lost and Found for the Tube?



Here's the link for Heathrow: http://www.heathrowairport.com/portal/page...00357e120a____/

I just hope a large item like a poster tube wasn't destroyed as suspicious baggage right away.


Maybe it's worth to check with the airline too if you're reasonably sure it got left behind at baggage check.

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