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Buying merchandise from eBay

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Hey all -


My friends and I visit as many of these great Events as possible each year. ;)


We'd just like to warn you of a very dodgy eBay Trader, who thinks nothing of ripping people off.


Please be aware of the below in future. Best wishes and thanks to all for making the shows so much fun and memorable.


Hoping to be a more active Member here in future, once I have a 'Net connection at home. :dance:


- Angel. x





Dear its-bigger-on-the-inside,


To David Meek -


We feel it's fair and just to react to your non-sending of the following item: 180623157482 (Fifth Doctor Who Costume Supreme


Dalek Cybermen Davros). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...em=180623157482



My friend kindly researched into the item himself and found it had been delayed, you failed to notify us of this and didn't

offer any refund, or communication through eBay or email.


Fortunately for you, we left the matter too long for eBay to request you refund the money.


As you well know, we did contact you and politely ask for an update, both through eBay and an attempt via personal email

(which was conveniently undeliverable).


We believe you shouldn't be trading on eBay and taking money from innocent people, so have decided to make posts concerning

this on relevant websites and through other avenues. For example, your Customers are likely to visit events such as the upcoming Collectormania in London - we're sure they'd appreciate knowledge of your business practices.


Apologies for taking this route to satisfy our disappointments, we feel it's appropriate under the circumstances and necessary to protect others.

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Thanks for the warning! Having a look at the seller's feedback history, it seems you're not the only unsatisfied customer. It's always worth using Toolhaus to check a seller's negative feedback:




and always remember caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)!

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hi just a short note, i am a seller and buyer on ebay and its very true buyer beware! i have been in touch with ebay over something i wanted for EMS and they are still waiting for a reply from the seller, but no offence some people want something for nothing and i have seen people ask for refunds for items that have only cost them (including postage) a couple of quid!!! is a shame that you have had such a negative experience.

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