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Big Problem with the Entry Queue's!

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I don't think it's a huge stretch to imagine that any large public building has to have numerous plans in place for emergency evacuation, and that one of the legal requirements for continued licensing and operating of the venue is that exits which may potentially be used in an emergency must be kept clear - meaning not stacking piles of furniture in front of them, or allowing people to block them - had there been a need for rapid evacuation you only need a couple of people to be a bit slow getting off the steps and you could end up with a tragic pile-up with people being trampled etc.

I don't think that needs signs, I think it's plain common sense.

It's also not a huge stretch to imagine that some people may be more efficient or unforgiving at enforcing that policy. You might view it as power crazy. others might view it as just being more responsible or aware of the potential problems. I suspect that were you trapped inside a burning building and couldn't get out because the doors were jammed with trampled bodies where the fiirst wave of people rushing to get out had fallen over people blocking the exit, you'd be cursing the fact that there hadn't been some "power crazy" person keeping the exit clear...

Your missing the point. If it was sssssoooo important to keep the doors clear then why only 2 hours later didnt the same very rude member of staff not move everyone again? The simple fact is that the building wasnt burning down,i wasnt on fire and people were not falling over anyone to get out. The plain and simple fact is the guy clearly had an attitude problem and loved telling people in the rudest way possible to move. All the guy had to do is ask people politely if they could move further down the steps....it really is that simple. See, no burning buildings or people on fire trying to get out. Or was there somekind of Zombie invasion taking place at Earls court that yourself and the rude EC staff member would like to prepare us for?

Not really. Why was the member of staff so insistent at one point and not bothered a couple of hours later? Maybe there was a different duty manager on second time around who wasn't so bothered with enforcing the "clear exits" policy. Maybe the first time there was somebody important (like the local council licensing official) who was on the premises, which would require strict adherence with recognised safety procedures. Maybe the first time the venue (by which I mean all the events, not just EMS) was considerably fuller, making it more of a risk, whereas by the second time around the number of people inside had thinned out (going out for lunch/fresh air/leaving for home) making it less of a priority. Hell, maybe by the second time he'd just given up out of frustration.

And no, the event wasn't affected by fire, I'm glad to say. But having once been caught in a fire where some f'wit had blocked a fire exit, and knowing somebody who worked on The Who show at Cincinnati where eleven people died in a crush at a door, I'm perhaps more aware of these things than others. And the simple fact remains that wisecracks about a zombie invasion aside, if there had been a fire or bomb or other incident, and there had been any suggestion at all that there was even the slightest blockage of an exit that venue staff had failed to keep clear, there would be at least huge uproar in the press, a distinct chance of fines and substantial compensation costs and possibly prison sentences to follow for the venue.

Doesn't mean you have to be rude about clearing people off the steps, (but no doubt in the short term it was the quickest way of doing it) but I could see why some people might want to enforce it.


At the end of the day, it seems that we just have different viewpooints - you can't find a good reason for the steps to have been cleared the first time round, whereas I'm more struggling to find a reason why they weren't later...

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