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How busy are YOU going to be?


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Just curious to how much people are planning to fit in each day :jason:





Alex Kingston Photoshoot

Arthur Darvill Photoshoot

Doctor Who Talk

Alex Kingston Autograph

Arthur Darvill Autograph

Cailtin Blackwood Autograph


Then home in time for the DW finale on TV!




David Tennant Photoshoot

Maybe gaming/cosplay

Georgia Moffett Autograph (possibly)



I've got to get a train down and back both days from University, (Winchester to Clapham then Clapham to West Brompton) I'm dreading Clapham junction! I'm not good with trains! Haha! Gosh, then on the Monday afterwards I've got lessons from 9am. I'm going to be knackered!

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Only the Sunday for me. Haven't 100% confirmed on who I am getting autographs from but currently...

- David Tennant Photoshoot

- Eve Myles Autograph

- Alex Kingston Autograph

- David Tennant Autograph (TBC)

- Catlin Blackwood Autograph

- Frances Barber Autograph (TBC)

- Alex Kingston Photoshoot (TBC- may buy if I have the money...)

- Doctor Who Talk

- Eve Talk

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Saturday Autographs:


John Hurt – x1 Pic – x1 Book DH = £40

Arthur Darvill – x1 Annual = £15

Evanna Lynch – x1 Pic – x1 Own Pic – x1 Book DH = £45


Sunday Autographs:


David Tennant – x1 Annual = £45

Alex Kingston – x1 Annual = £15

Shirley Henderson – x1 Book DH = £15

Rusty Goffe – x1 Own Pic – x1 Book DH =£20

Mike Edmunds – x1 Own Pic 1 Book DH = £20



Saturday Photoshoots:



Arthur Darvill 31

Evanna Lynch 8

Eve Myles 46

Nina Toussaint-White 5

John Hurt TBC


Sunday Photoshoots:




David Tennant TBC

Shirley Henderson 12

Catlin Blackwood 2

Ian MacNeice TBC

Georgia Moffett TBC

Frances Barber Flanery TBC



Talks Saturday:


Harry Potter Talk -

Dr. Who Talk -


Talks Sunday:


Dr. Who Talk -

Harry Potter -

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It's a bit quite for us but my son has:



Saturday Photoshoots


Alex Kingston

Arthur Darvill

Catlin Blackwood



David Tennant

(I also have one too!)

Joe Flanigan


As yet with autographs, we are not sure, Eve Myles for sure, Arthur Darvil depending on how busy he is, Alex Kingston for my boys as got hers last time and Joe Flanigan, as we can't really afford much more, we won't be getting DT's Auto as we can't justify the cost of that one.


On the Saturday not only are we attending EMS, we have to get home, watch DW THEN I have to go into work and attend a Michael Buble Tribute act that I arranged, THEN go to EMS the next day too!!! am I booking the Monday off, I sure am!!!


Ali xx

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I might be fairly busy. I won't get into London till around 11:15 and will head straight for Earl's Court (Mods, will I still be able to come straight in with an Early Bird ticket at around that time and bypass the huge queue that will no doubt be outside?) I'll only be there Sunday, and as I'll be getting my coach home at 6pm, I'll be leaving the event sometime between 5pm and half past. So I'll have only a few hours to get round everyone, lol!

I haven't any photoshoots ordered (mainly coz of a short day :lol: ), so it's just autographs. At the moment I have around 5 or 6 to get. Maybe more depending on who else gets announced. :lol:

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I don't want to be too busy, need to be relaxed and have fun as well.


On saturday, K and I are planning to be at Earls Court to have some fun in the early bird queue first, then we have photoshoots with Arthur, Caitlin, Nina, Iain and Albert booked already. K will be Dr Who cosplaying so this will be our busier day. We will be home in time for Tea with Jammy Dodgers and Dr Who. :lol:


On sunday, K is planning to do a different cosplay and hang out with her friends and have a more relaxed time, we only plan to get David's autograph on one item today if we can. (Too expensive to do all of them) As we have standard tickets I think we will realistically probably be one of the last to leave as our VQ will be high.


Thankfully for me and my bank account, Kirstin has met Frances B. Georgia and Alex K. previously.

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Arthur Darvill auto,

Arthur Darvill photoshoot,

Nina Toussaint-White auto,

Nina Toussaint-White shoot,

Caitlin Blackwood auto,

Evanna Lynch auto,

Evanna Lynch shoot,

Eve Myles shoot, (which I need to change into my Jilly Kitzinger cosplay for)

John Hurt auto

Doctor Who talk,

Ian McNeice talk,

Harry Potter talk,

Eve Myles talk,

Sean Patrick Flanery talk,

John Hurt talk,



David Tennant shoot,

David Tennant auto,

Frances Barber auto,

Miranda Raison auto,

Miranda Raison shoot,

Sean Patrick Flanery auto,

Shirley Henderson auto,

Eve Myles talk,

Sean Patrick Flanery talk,


Obviously some talks will end up getting bumped but I can't tell till we get the schedule :)

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I don't have much and mostly Doctor Who related... I'm hoping I can figure out the times so I can get home in time for the season finale (with that title, what fan of Alex would want to miss it!?), but it's a two-hour train journey not counting getting from EC to Euston and the other end... I hope I can! *g* So all depends on what time Alex Kingston's photoshoot and the DW talk are, and VQ numbers of course. Ah well. Can't wait to find out so I can get my train ticket.

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I'll be fairly busy as the number of photoshoots keeps increasing - although not the only person doing the job.


Apologies in advance if I accidentally catch your toes with the bike....



The Psyclepath (London shows Photo-runner)

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So far for me


Photo with


Arthur Darvill

Alex Kingston

Eve Myles

John Hurt


Autos from


Arthur Darvill

Alex Kiingston

Ian Mcniece

John Hurt

Eddie Paskey

Edward Furlong


maybe attend the Doctor Who talk


Still dont no about Nina or another auto from Eve i will see if i had enough money left at the end of the day still hoping for 1 or 2 more guests to be annouced

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All I have is David Tennants photoshoot... I got his auto for free a few weeks ago at Much Ado About Nothing ;D


I would get Eves photo or auto but I've already met her 4 times xD so... (however I do still want her auto on my TW box set B))


I was going to go to her talk (if I could get a ticket) but my boyfriends meeting me in London at some point so I'll have to see when it is :)

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